Sunday, 18 October 2015


The call was made On the 16th of October 2015 by Members of the associations Actions for Change Cameroon (A.C.C) who organised organized two forums to discuss with youths about Peace. This was in partnership with the Local Youth Corner Cameroon (LOYOC) and the University of Buea American Corner (UBAC). These forums which lasted 1hr 30mins each were a part of the A.C.C 2015 Peace project and the  for this session was: The Role of Youths in the Peace Building Process, and Anti Youth Radicalization. It was graced by the presence of Mr. Achaleke Christian Leke the Cameroon Youth Ambassador to the Commonwealth, a member of LOYOC, guest speaker and main trainer for the program.
The first phase was organized at the Conference Hall of the University of Buea Library from 10a.m to 11:30am. Over forty youths (most of whom were students of the University of Buea) were educated in an interactive forum on the ways they can contribute in ensuring sustainable peace in their communities and the nation at large. Making good a negative past, believing in oneself, treating others kindly, and love for one’s community and country were amongst the key issues to be considered in ensuring peace.
The second phase organized at the Borstal Institute Buea, from 4pm to 5:30pm was with the staff and students of the institution. Over forty ـ five students, Visitors and staff were educated on the same topic as in the previous session, with particular attention to and cognizance of the fact that this set of persons primarily comprised of juvenile delinquents and therefore the discussion needed more caution. The students were nonetheless very welcoming and excited to know people out there still have them at heart. They shared welcome songs and speeches and actively participated in the discussions. A priority concern for the Cameroon Youth Ambassador was engaging these young persons in profitable activities for growth and development, whether through volunteering or performing a trade. This he decided to embark on, in collaboration with the institution’s management.
After each of the sessions, the participants and organizers took group photos holding pieces of papers with the harsh tag: ENGAGED FOR PEACE and I AM ENGAGED FOR PEACE

It was indeed another wonderful and successful program as the A.C.C’s message of Peace continued to spread to other corners of the earth. Each of the two events ended with a call for youths to shun uncivil practices and maintain peace in Cameroon. Mr. Ntui-Oben Obi the President of A.C.C and Mr. Achaleke Christian Leke promised to go back to Borstal Institute with more programs in the shortest time possible

By Ruddy  Morfaw

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