Monday, 5 June 2017


An Icon has bowed down, a hero has crossed the river, a legend has embarked on the journey of no return, a celebrity has blossom then withered.

As news of Uncle Zach’s demise echoed all over, tears dropped down my cheek. My eyes went red and my heart got sour.  Immediately I began to recall his days of professionalism and simple life. Uncle Zack gave shape to the world journalism in Cameroon, he knew when the studio microphone sounded best, he had a mastery of the
dimension of the studio and the atmosphere of his reports. He was never a play journalist. He was a mentor to so many emerging and emerged journalists and sport reporters to be specific. He was a journalist to the core. I remember in 2003 when I first met Uncle Zach. He had just covered a first division Match at the Molyko Omnisport Stadium. I was returning home from school with four of my peers while he settled on a bottle of liquor in bar opposite the Stadium. He called us to advise us on the relevance of education and how the future belongs to us. His close 10 minutes lecture ended with gift of 100 FRS each to my friends and I. Since then, I have worked hard to hold firm that future and meet up with Uncle Zack’s words of wisdom. In 2009 I met him again at CRTV while on a holyday programme and he remained inspiring. Each morning since 2003 I tuned in to FM 94.5 to listen to him, I went to the stadium on each Mount Cameroon Race of hope just to see him and  hear his legendary voice. He alone best knew how pregnant the moon and the sun were on a mountain raise day; he could perfectly describe the scenario and gave the public a swift summary of past races and winners. Uncle knew dates like his legend Historian Professor Victor Ngoh. He was a man who once told a sports Minister how late he was for an event in a very stylish way. Zachary Nkwo was a living encyclopedia, a sport archive and an unforgettable genius. He spoke slowly but powerfully, he never needed scripts, he just needed a microphone and wisdom flowed. He was difficult to see on occasions because of his size but he was always heard because his voice spoke volumes and penetrated right deep into the ears of listeners and the public. Uncle Zach has left a big vacuum in the world of sport. A sport archive has collapsed. Testimonies of his impact fly everywhere today. So sad he had to bow down to the wind of death that blew so hard. I am saddened by news of his everlasting journey to the world beyond. Rest in Peace Uncle Zach.


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