Thursday, 30 June 2016


Mr Suh Cheo Cyprian(Country Coordinator Network of African Youths) talking on the SDGs
Finally the long awaited activity organized by Actions for Change Cameroon in partnership with the University of Buea American Corner with the support of the Cameroon Working group for the Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals In Rural Africa to Celebrate the international Day of the African Child took place today at the University of Buea American Corner. Placed under the theme: Conflicts and Crisis in Africa: protecting all children's rights, Actions for Change Cameroon and partners once again demonstrated their strength in the maintenance of peace in Cameroon, Africa and in the world at large. Speaking during the celebration as panelists were: Mme Yonger Nelly-Shella (Director of Rural Women Development Centre), Mr. Takang Kelly Tabe (CEO of Education Cameroon), Mr. Suh Che Cyprian (Country coordinator for the Network of African Youths), Mr. Malcom Speller, Mme Rosemary Schafack (Chief Liberian UB and Director of the University of Buea American Corner), Mr.Lukong Leslie Kenyuy (UB American Corner Staff). The various speakers dwelled on the following sub themes: The role of NGOs in the protection of Children's rights, the rights of a child, Education as means of ensuring children's safty and the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals in Rural Africa. Speaking on behalf of Actions for Change Cameroon, Mr. Ntui Oben Obi Agbor, president of the organization called on all those present at the event to be part of the business of protecting children's safety and rights especially during conflicts and crisis in Africa.. It was a wonderful, interesting and participatory activity as both children and their elders were brought together in a common table of

some ACCians take a selfie after a successful event.
dialogue. Its time for all persons to start protecting children's rights. we must not allow our innocent children to be used as sacrificial lambs during conflicts and crisis. we need them to build this world. African leaders must all engage in this duty and not only focus on signing bilateral agreements and diplomatic missions.

Mme Yonga Nelly-Shella (Director of RUWDEC) moderates the panel discussion

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